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With Xi Cloud Services, Nutanix responds to the flexible needs of the multicold

With Xi Cloud Services, Nutanix responds to the flexible needs of the multicold

At the NEXT conference today, Nutanix announced that Xi Cloud Services will now be widely available. This is a range of solutions that need to build a uniform infrastructure for different cloud environments. Technology makes it easier for IT teams to choose which application runs best on which platform.

Identifying the best of public and private cloud deployments (and bringing it together for a seamless experience) is difficult and often leads to infrastructure philosophy, spread across different on-premise and public cloud deployments. This complexity forces companies to experiment with new workloads in public clouds, while keeping traditional business applications in the private cloud data center even if those workloads run more efficiently in the public cloud.

Xi Cloud Services

With Xi Cloud Services, Nutanix makes it easier for businesses to integrate cloud services into their multi-client deployments. This can be done by natively expanding their Nutanix environment beyond the boundaries of a traditional data center, or by gaining insight into their infrastructure implementations on different platforms in order to monitor costs and ensure compliance.

Xi Cloud Services currently consists of five different solutions to help companies meet the growing challenges of the multi-cold era. The offering combines the ability to standardize workflows and align operations in different environments, as well as the ability to blur the lines between clouds. This allows applications and data to be used seamlessly across multiple clouds.

  • Xi Leap Cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) services to protect critical business applications and data. Leap services are enabled directly in Nutanix Prism for a fully integrated public and private cloud experience.
  • Xi Frame Desktop as a service platform, all-newly built for cloud deployment, now integrates role-based access control.
  • Xi Beam A multi-cloud cost optimization and management tool that helps customers reduce costs and improve cloud security across all platforms, public and private.
  • Xi Epoch A multicloud application observation and monitoring solution that provides a Google Maps-like view of applications to determine performance bottlenecks and availability issues in any cloud environment.
  • Xi IoT An intelligent edge computing platform that performs real-time sensor and device data pipelines processing and intelligently sends filtered data back to the cloud platform of a customer’s choice for long-term decisions. This allows customers to reduce the complexity of implementing and managing edge locations while getting more value from edge data.
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