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ICT companies in the Netherlands promise to remove child pornography within 24 hours

ICT companies in the Netherlands promise to remove child pornography within 24 hours

Dutch ICT companies, including hosting parties, have promised to remove child pornography from their servers within 24 hours of a report. The central government, among others, writes about the agreements. If companies do not cooperate sufficiently, they risk a fine and shutting down their systems.

The umbrella associations of hosting companies and digital infrastructure, telecom companies and Internet companies have expanded their Notice-and-Take-Down Code of Conduct with the promise. The code of conduct must be signed by companies if they want to become a member of the associations. After the signing, the companies are allowed to use a special logo.

The ICT companies can use a database with hashes of image files to check whether there is child pornography. This database is made available by the police and the Expertise Bureau Online Child Abuse (EOKM). This way, the associated illegal images do not have to be made visible. The police and the EOKM will carry out tests with the database in early 2019. If the tests are successful, the database will become available to the ICT sector.

TU Delft has developed technology that makes it possible to monitor how long it takes for files to be deleted after a notification.

Minister Grapperhaus wanted stricter self-regulation for some time now, because he wants to remove child pornography from the internet faster and more effectively. He will inform the Lower House of Parliament in a letter about the public-private actions against the approach of online child pornography.


The fact that child pornography is still a major problem on the internet was recently demonstrated again when the American social medium Tumblr was removed from the App Store because of the presence of child pornography on the platform. The company announced earlier this month that it would be blocking ‘adult’ content from December 17. This specifically concerns porn and images of human genitalia and female nipples.

TechCrunch announced today that Tumblr has returned to the Apple App Store.

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