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LinkedIn is not only a professional social network. The Microsoft site also offers a variety of products to help recruiters find new staff: Recruiter, Jobs and Pipeline Builder. But where these services were separated for a long time, they will soon continue to live under one denominator.

That is why LinkedIn is launching the new Intelligent Hiring Experience. It is designed to help recruiters save a lot of time when looking for recommended candidates for vacancies they have open. The service finds candidates by using the LinkedIn database with information about jobseekers and links them to vacancies for which they may be suitable.

Comparing skills

The Intelligent Hiring Experience compares, among other things, specific skills. For example, recruiters can indicate which knowledge or specific skills a candidate should have when placing a vacancy. The Intelligent Hiring Experience looks at candidates to see what skills they have. By comparing them with candidates who have (or have had) similar jobs, it is possible to predict whether a person will be considered for a particular position.

In a blog post John Jersin, who is responsible for Talent Solutions and Careers at LinkedIn, writes that this new feature will help to effectively link recruiters to job seekers. The more interaction you have with candidates within a project, the more our tools learn what you are looking for and what you are not looking for. That way we can find better candidates for your open vacancies, says Jersin. Based on applicants and search results you interact with, the Intelligent Hiring Experience builds a list of recommended candidates you could contact.

Especially an addition

The new information will be added to the already existing datasets that LinkedIn has about jobseekers. The focus is on the qualities that a candidate claims to have, but also on behavioural data, such as the profiles of others that candidates click on and interact with.

The Intelligent Hiring Experience will also have other functions. It will also be a communication platform where recruiters can interact with candidates. The platform also provides a way for recruiters to let applicants know whether or not they will be invited for an interview. Applicants may not embrace your decision, but they do appreciate knowing how things will end,” concludes Jersin.

The intention is to launch the Intelligent Hiring Experience in the summer.

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