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Research: ‘Less is more is the new trend for Instagram marketing’.

Research: ‘Less is more is the new trend for Instagram marketing’.

“Less is more is the new trend in Instagram marketing. That’s what CRM, marketing, sales and support platform HubSpot and Mention say in a new report on marketing trends in 2019. The report is the end result of a global analysis of 48 million messages and the Instagram behaviour of over 300,000 top users.

Every day, 95 million photos and videos are placed on the social medium. The algorithm behind the service and the timelines shown to users are also becoming increasingly complex. Therefore, according to HubSpot, it is more difficult for companies to reach their target group. But according to the report, more can be achieved with less content.

Less is more

According to the report, one video generates the same range as two static photos. For example, a photo receives an average of less than 70 responses per message, compared to 150 responses to a video. In these averages, the largest influencers and virals are also included. An average user on Instagram does not even get four responses to a video. In addition, too many hashtags and tags do more harm than good and micro-influencers create more engagement than the well-known influencers.

It also appears that after four or five hashtags, the engagement is rapidly stagnating. That while previously it was the case that the range would increase if more hashtags and tags were used. One of the reasons for this is that a lot of spam content gets a large number of hashtags, so users ignore them. Also, the engagement of mediocre content is not increased by using a lot of hashtags, while good content in itself is able to generate a lot of engagement.

The fact that quality now takes precedence over quantity also applies to influencers. The micro-influencers – with 50,000 to 100,000 followers – appear to have the greatest impact on their followers. Moreover, they are more affordable than the ‘ordinary’ influencers. “By 2019, every social media marketing strategy should focus on engaging with and adding value to the target audience and community,” said Mark Whelan, Senior Marketing Manager at Hubspot.

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