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Zoom is once again expanding its portfolio considerably. The company is considered to be a leader when it comes to business communication environments and will launch new features for the Zoom Phone, Zoom Rooms and Zoom Meetings in the near future.

Zoom’s portfolio focuses on a combination of video, voice, chat and content sharing. Every year, the company adds two hundred functions or improvements to its portfolio. This year should not be an exception, because today a whole series of improvements and new features have been added to the company’s main products.

Extensions Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone was previously known as Zoom Voice. It is a cloud system that simplifies communication over telephone networks. A number of new features will be available as of April:

  • Zoom Calls can easily be converted to Zoom video meetings.
  • Zoom Phone Salesforce integrations: Zoom Phone calls can easily be made from Salesforce.
  • Zero-touch services: make it easier for IT admins to deploy devices within their organization.
  • Collaboration with partner companies: with Five9 and Twilio, among others, Zoom is adding new integrations that make it easier to start conversations via Zoom.

Expansion of Zoom Meetings

Not only does Zoom extend the functions for Phone, it also introduces a number of new functions for Zoom Meetings. These are the following additions:

  • Real-time transcription: from the third quarter of 2019, Zoom will offer real-time automated transcriptions of Zoom Meetings. Zoom is the first company to roll out this kind of functionality.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation: if you have a conversation with a translator, it can sometimes be interesting to switch to another language. This function allows you to switch directly to another audio channel with a different translator. This function will be available from the third quarter onwards.
  • Improved integration of Microsoft Teams: Zoom offers new integrations with Microsoft Teams from the second quarter onwards. For example, you can add Zoom-tabs to Teams, create a calendar, or schedule meetings.
  • Summary meeting: From the third quarter of 2019, Zoom Meetings will make meeting notes immediately available.
  • Siri Shortcuts: it will soon be possible to ask Siri to arrange things for you within Zoom Meetings.

New Zoom Rooms

Finally, Zoom has unveiled a number of new applications that can be useful for meeting rooms:

  • Crestron Flex B: This new soundbar offers improved audio and video quality. Works best in combination with a Crestron Touchscreen.
  • Aver EP65: A 65-inch interactive whiteboard that includes all the software configurations and components needed to run a Zoom Room out-of-the-box.
  • Logitech Solutions: various applications, such as a camera and remote control of Logitech, are also available for Zoom Rooms.
  • DTEN D7: A 55-inch interactive whiteboard that offers all the technology needed to enable Zoom Rooms for Touch.
  • Polycom Studio: combines a speaker, camera and microphone in one device. This way you avoid having to work with multiple devices at the same time.
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