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Cohesity backup solutions are now available via Google Cloud Platform

Cohesity backup solutions are now available via Google Cloud Platform

Cohesity’s backup software solutions can now be purchased as a SaaS service via Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Both companies announced this week. This makes it easier for users to purchase and deploy backup services for various workloads from GCP.

The availability of the storage specialist’s backup services, including in the field of secondary data, via GCP means that these services are now available for the first time from a public cloud environment and can therefore also be purchased as as-a-Service.

Cohesity is launching its cloud-based backup service at the request of GCP itself, according to Cohesity’s VP Product Maketing Christian Paulus. The public cloud environment would lag behind somewhat with applications for backup, business continuity and disaster recovery.

No longer dependent on appliances

With the arrival of Cohesity’s SaaS service, its users no longer depend solely on (hardware) appliances that they have to install on premise in data centres. By using the services directly from GCP, they can now only perform cloud-based data management. In addition, they no longer need to use legacy backup software because everything is web-based via a browser.

Other features now offered by the SaaS service via GCP include large enterprise backup and protection capabilities for public cloud workloads and near-zero recovery times.

Snapshot and deduplication options

In concrete terms, Cohesity Cloud Backup Service offers via GCP the complete snapshot and worldwide deduplication possibilities of the storage specialist. In addition, the service is integrated with GCP’s Identity and Access Management, allowing end-users to configure user and access settings as they see fit. The Cohesity Helios interface is used for management.

The SaaS service is delivered via a monthly pay-per-use model. Cohesity Cloud Backup Service can be invoiced via the account that users have for using GCP. The service is now also available from the GCP Marketplace. Whether the service will soon be available via Microsoft Azure or AWS is still unknown.

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