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VMware Secure State protects your data in the public cloud

VMware Secure State protects your data in the public cloud

VMware has announced the widespread availability of Secure State. The new product is designed to make all assets a company stores in the public cloud visible, and to detect and respond to threats more quickly.

Secure State is the result of two acquisitions made by VMware last year: CloudCoreo and CloudHealth. The new product was announced at VMworld last year and is now being made widely available to all customers.

With Secure State, customers can map all their cloud assets, and manage and monitor their status. It does not matter whether the data is in a private cloud or in a public (multi-)cloud environment. In addition, the tool allows action to be taken when compliance with policy and regulation is potentially at risk.

Correlating risks about cloud misconfigurations and threats in a dynamic environment is a real challenge for teams, VMware explains in a blog post. Without context, solutions that periodically scan the cloud to validate configurations can overlook serious vulnerabilities, overwhelm security teams with false positives, and create conflicts in cloud usage with DevOps teams due to API rottling.

VMware Secure State uses an inter-connected cloud security model to correlate risk with dynamic cloud infrastructure. As a result, the solution is said to provide better insight into cloud deployments, relationships and risks, automated cloud compliance, and improved ability to investigate vulnerabilities and provide real-time security insights.

AWS and Azure

Secure State is now widely available and already monitors thousands of production cloud accounts on AWS and Azure. The service is offered through CloudHealth by VMware, which today serves more than 5,000 customers to optimize their multi-cloud environments.

Along with the announcement of general availability, VMware is also looking forward to new Secure State features that will soon be previewed, including the expansion to Google cloud, Kubernetes and VMware Cloud on AWS. The company is also working on a new cloud query service, a machine learning service and a new approach to automatic remediation.

With Secure State, VMware is entering a relatively new market where security suppliers such as Palo Alto, Check Point and Sophos have also recently entered. Organizations are finding that after their cloud migration, they face new challenges in managing and securing their data in that cloud(s). The cloud providers are only concerned with securing the infrastructure, leaving data security solutions to third parties.

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