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Security company Proofpoint has unveiled two new innovations to help organizations protect their most attacked people from malicious URLs, and increase the effectiveness of awareness training.

Proofpoint has made it possible to dynamically isolate URL clicks in business e-mail and URLs for cloud collaboration, based on a user’s risk profile and the risk of the URL itself. The solution picks up the content and executes it in the Proofpoint cloud if the entire content is unreliable. The user does not notice this, but sees a safe and identical version of the site.


The security check is integrated in the Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) information of the security company. The innovation occurs in Proofpoint Email Isolation and Browser Isolation. Email Isolation isolates links in corporate email and personal webmail, Browser Isolation isolates risky surfing behavior on corporate equipment.

Both products can further enable isolated use of cloud applications such as Dropbox and SharePoint to reduce an organization’s risk area. In addition, TAP not only blocks attacks that use malicious attachments and URLs, but also detects threats and risks in cloud applications.

With the Attack Index within TAP, organizations can gain further insight into their most attacked users based on four factors. This concerns the sophistication of the cyber criminal, the spread and focus of the attack, the type of attack and the total number of attacks.

Awareness Training

Proofpoint has also added people-focused improvements to its Security Education Platform. This allows security teams to train end users more effectively. They can also change the behaviour of end users by personalizing the training with customized content.

Each model in the Customization Center can be adapted to the specific needs of individual departments, functions and regions under the guidance of a Learning Science Evaluator. For example, the text of a module can be modified.

The edited content is automatically evaluated by the Learning Science Evaluator. If the training does not meet the guidelines for the maximum learning result, then the managers will be informed about this by the Evaluator.

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