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Proofpoint announced on Monday that it acquired artificial intelligence-powered data protection firm Dathena Science for an undisclosed amount. Dathena was founded in 2016 and operates out of Singapore.

The firm offers a platform that gauges data sensitivity to offer protections and enables companies to meet compliance requirements.

It is sold as a way to deliver data protection and privacy with simplicity and confidence. The company adds that the platform creates trust among consumers and clients. Dathena’s service offers visibility into sensitive data and files, giving customers the option of controlling risk and reducing exposure.

What the platform does

The platform is equipped with a 360-degree dashboard meant to give users a full view that includes controlled user access, cost savings, and automated controls.

The company says that under the hood, the platform is run by an AI engine that automatically identifies and classifies sensitive data. There is visibility into how the data is assessed, removing bias and ensuring that compliance requirements are met. The company says that the platform is designed for all types of industry- from finance to insurance to healthcare.

Foray into Asia

Proofpoint points to this acquisition as proof of its commitment to innovate and grow as a private company while expanding its presence and investment in Asia. The integration with Dathena will allow Proofpoint to migrate customers of legacy data loss protection suites with data-at-rest requirements and expand the existing integration to cover Microsoft Information Protection.

Coming into the acquisition, Dathena had raised $12 million in venture capital funding, according to Crunchbase data. Investors include CapHormn Invest, MS&AD Ventures, Jungle Ventures, CerraCap Ventures, and Seeds Capital.

Proofpoint itself was acquired by Thoma Bravo for $12.3 billion in April. Before that, it had acquired ObserveIT for $225 million in November 2019 and Cloudmark Inc. for $110 million in November 2017.