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Microsoft disables VBScript in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft continues its plan to remove VBScript from the Internet. As of August 13, the next Patch Tuesday update for Windows, the technology will be disabled by default in Internet Explorer 11. Switching off the technology is done by giving an update in Patch Tuesday for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, writes ZDNet.

VBScript is based on Microsoft’s Visual Basic programming language and was used as a scripting language for web developers in 1996. The language is only supported on the client side by Internet Explorer.

Microsoft recently indicated that VBScript is no longer needed, just like ActiveX. The reason is that the standard on the internet today is JavaScript, which is supported by all major browsers. In 2017, Microsoft outdated the programming language in Internet Explorer 11, as part of a long-term campaign to separate its browsers from the outdated scripting engine.

Since July, VBScript was already switched off by default in Internet Explorer for Windows 10. However, according to Paul Thurott, a Microsoft watcher, the company has been paying little attention to the language for some time now. When .NET appeared in 2000, VBScript became less interesting. From that point on, Visual Basic .NET was used for the development of client and server side.


In the meantime, hackers have often misused VBScript. For example, it was the language used by the hacker who managed to get hold of 100 million credit card details from Target customers via the BlackPOS malwared in 2010.

VBScript was also used to develop the I Love You worm in 2000. This worm was delivered as an attachment with the extension txt.vbs. The worm worked well, because at that time Windows was still hiding the extension of attachments. When people opened the attachment, their Windows PC sent more I Love You emails to their contacts.

However, VBScript is also useful for a different target group. Administrators may need it to support business applications. For them, it remains possible to enable VBScript versions in Internet Explorer 11 via security zones. This can be done via the Registry or the Group policy.

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