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Google introduces Site Kit plugin for WordPress

Google introduces Site Kit plugin for WordPress

At the end of last week, Google officially introduced the WordPress plugin for Site Kit, which aims to give website administrators as well as marketing and advertising agencies more insight into the behaviour of their website visitors.

The open-source plugin Site Kit combines all kinds of visitor data that are now being measured in the various Google services, including Google Adwords, Insights, AdSense and Analytics. These data about visitors, income and performance of the website are then presented in a clear central dashboard in WordPress.

More information for administrators

The owner of a website can also receive notifications with Site Kit, for example when a peak in the number of visitors is reached. Furthermore, the site administrator can see how each specific page on the site performs, regarding the number of clicks, impressions, users and sessions, and where web traffic comes from.

Thanks to the integration with PageSpeed Insights, an administrator can see how a WordPress site performs with visitors on the Chrome browser. They can also get recommendations on how to improve performance.

Final version

The fact that the plugin for WordPress has now been made available worldwide is not entirely surprising. Last December, Site Kit was announced, and in June of this year, the developer version was already available. However, the version that has now been released is much more user-friendly than the beta version, for which advanced development skills were required.

The integration with WordPress is of great importance to Google, as it is estimated that one in three websites worldwide use the cms.