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Microsoft extends Windows 7 support once due to own error

Microsoft extends Windows 7 support once due to own error

On the 14th of January, the last update for Windows 7 was released, which was supposed to end support. Microsoft accidentally introduced a bug with these last update and now has to fix it.

The official support ended on the 14th of January. On that day the very last official security update was released. Anyone still using Windows 7 does so at their own risk. Except for companies that aren’t ready, they can pay a heavy price for an additional update package for up to three years. The official Windows 7 updates ended, but Microsoft is going to release one more free update, because of an accidentally brand new bug.

KB4534310 caused the desktop background of users to turn black when they wanted to display an image in ‘stretch’ mode. Fortunately, Microsoft realized that it can’t fundamentally leave users who don’t want to get rid of Windows 7 with a fresh bug, so an update is coming.

Extended support

Initially, Microsoft only wanted to roll out the update to customers of the extended support program, but fortunately, that plan was quickly dropped. In the end, the updates for Windows 7 will last a few weeks longer than initially announced.

It’s not the first time Microsoft has released an update for an OS it doesn’t officially support anymore. For example, a few years ago the company rolled out updates for Windows XP after the discovery of a bug that was so dangerous that the impact of doing nothing was overestimated. In this case, it’s not a critical update, but the correction of a bug it created with the last security updates.

Done with Windows 7: You can still upgrade for free to Windows 10.