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Red Hat will end CoreOS Container Linux in September. The company urges users to migrate to another operating system “as soon as possible” before the end comes in sight.

According to DevClass, Red Hat prefers users to migrate to Fedora CoreOS, which the company has designated as the “official successor” to the operating system, which officially came out of the preview last month.

According to Red Hat, Fedora CoreOS is “purpose-built to securely and scale container workloads” and “combines the provisioning tools and automatic updates of Container Linux with Atomic Host’s package technology, OCI support and SELinux security.”

With immediate effect, CoreOS Container Linux will no longer be available to new users on AWS Marketplace. Existing subscribers can continue to use it for the time being. The latest updates will be rolled out on May 26th. In other words, bugs or vulnerabilities discovered after that date will not be fixed.

Total cleanup

According to Red Hat, from September 1st “published resources related to CoreOS Container Linux will be deleted or made read-only. OS downloads will be removed, CoreUpdate servers will be shut down, and OS images will be removed from AWS, Azure, and Google Compute Engine. GitHub repositories, including the issue tracker, will become read-only.”

Already existing Container Linux machines will continue to run, according to Red Hat. However, they will not be able to download new updates. Also, “new CoreOS-Container Linux machines cannot be launched in public clouds without prior preparation”.