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Perhaps, your employers have become a little more caring during the time of the pandemic. At least, they appreciate that working from home isn’t like taking a walk in the park for their employees. They understand you may have a small apartment or kids. Or maybe even both. Undoubtedly, they are aware that home isn’t an ideal place to work for most people.

So, with the advent of COVID-19, they want to reveal their human side a little more. Well, that is what we all want to believe. And we genuinely do. However, we cannot downplay the fact that COVID-19 has triggered an interest in clandestine activities; covert management activities to be precise.

Are these covert management activities sustainable?

According to the new study conducted by Top10VPN, demand for the surveillance software has soared dramatically since employees started working from their homes due to lockdown. It seems that the peak was in April where it rose by 87% compared to pre-COVID-19 times. From this figure, we can conclude that every employer wanted to track every step of their remote employees. There was an increase of 71% in May.

According to the findings, employers were looking for such terms as “how to monitor employees working from home” and “work from home monitoring tools.”

But how many employers will be able to embrace this trend? Undoubtedly, there will be surprises. A significant number of employers, especially those who are not well acquainted with remote working, will grab any technology that gives them a sense of total control.

 The basis of the study

At this point, I should pause a little bit and state that a not utterly independent party did the study. Top10VPN is known to secure the privacy of its adherents.

In addition to that, its methodology was geared towards looking for 200 specific search tags related to employee surveillance software and evaluate their performance before and after the outbreak.

However, the study shows there is some employee surveillance software that employers can use to take over their employee’s computers.

Well, this creates a broad scope for agonizing definitions and intrusions.