IT leaders are struggling to hire new employees

IT leaders are struggling to hire new employees

IT leaders all across the world face difficulty in hiring talented IT professionals due to certain aspects.

Recent times have seen many IT organizations struggling to hire talented IT workers. According to a survey, most IT leaders blame ‘The Great Resignation‘ as the root cause, stating that 73 percent of IT leaders have seen record difficulties when hiring new talent.

Change in culture

We are stepping into an era where digital transformation is at its peak, and as the companies evolve, so does the new generation. A survey states that the experience an organization provides to the customer and employee is as important as the product or service they provide.

Another issue often faced by a large majority of IT leaders is the lack of effective relationships with business teams. They believe these relationships must be improved for work processes to be carried out efficiently. This has led to several companies making employees from different teams collaborate and form fusion teams.

Compression of employee numbers is the product of internal strategies. So far, fusion teams have proven to be beneficial for most companies.

Automation to deal with the skill gap

Companies are trying to shift to AI and algorithms to enhance customer experiences. Although this method has many benefits, most companies have run into complexity issues. An overwhelming majority of companies are attempting to use automation to help with the skill gap.

Traditional hiring is endangered in the struggle to satisfy growing demand. IT leaders will have to look into bringing about improvements with the help of automation to maximize innovation and better user experiences.