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NVidia released its most recent version of virtual GPU software. It also unveiled new visualisation partners which will be helpful to the increasing number of professionals working remotely due to lockdown. With updated features to help end-users and IT administrators, the improved software could come in handy in helping corporations leverage virtual reality remotely.

The unveiling of the latest vGPU is quite essential for VR applications, which in the past have proved difficult to virtualize. The latest version comes with an additional 120Hz VSync support, and at resolutions of up to 4K. Undoubtedly, this will enable flawless user experience on CloudXR, NVidia’s platform VR over 5G, or Wi-Fi.

Great demand for GPU Virtualisation

With the updated vGPU, there will be more collaboration in areas such as computer-aided design, which can need the real-time photorealistic rendering of prototypes. Ideally, it should enhance the interaction on NVidia’s recently unveiled Omniverse AEC Experience, which is meant for experts in construction, architecture, and engineering.

Since the start of the pandemic, the number of customers seeking out GPU virtualisation options has increased dramatically. “In the last three or four months, there’s been a huge interest in this technology because it enables people to get up and running within minutes,” Hecht said.

The main sectors where this technology has gained immense interest is in manufacturing and automobile sector.

New enterprise features for virtual GPU’s

NVidia also announced it will include more features in its vGPU. The additional updates are specifically meant to benefit enterprise IT admins and cloud service providers. This will make it effortless to do upgrades on huge deployments.

NVidia has also partnered with SUSE on its Linux Enterprise Server in order to expand its hypervisor support. This will allow GPU virtualisation for Artificial Intelligence and data science workloads, enhancing hypervisor platform options for cloud service providers and enterprises.

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