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SAP introduces new customer portal called SAP for Me

SAP introduces new customer portal called SAP for Me

SAP introduces SAP for Me, a new customer portal for a personalized and transparent overview of the customers entire SAP product portfolio.

SAP for Me serves as a central hub for all the necessary data for customers. The home screen can be fully customised to the needs of the user and shows all necessary data, including an overview of all important notifications, statistics and insights regarding the personalised product portfolio. With SAP for Me, customers also have a clear insight into their licenses and cloud subscriptions, as well as finding educational resources and viewing the current status of support tickets and other alerts.

According to Florian Roth, CIO of SAP, this new portal plays a vital role in the digital transformation of organisations using SAP. “SAP for Me acts as a hub where customers have access to a consolidated overview of their SAP products and services, and acts as a digital assistant that guides customers on their journey to the intelligent enterprise.”

SAP environments can be complex systems consisting of many different products spread across different locations. SAP customers have complained that there are too many portals and tools and that they quickly lose track of them.

SAP for Me for partners

There is also a version of SAP for Me specifically for SAP partners. According to Karl Fahrbach, chief partner officer at SAP, this version of the customer portal is intended to give these partners a complete picture of their relationship with the company.

“The partners can get data about the relationship in terms of KPIs, or steps they need to follow, as well as customer data through that single access point,” Fahrbach says. “It’s a digital engagement tool that provides a 360-degree view of the partner’s relationship with SAP.

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