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Facebook rolls out updates for Messenger Rooms

Facebook rolls out updates for Messenger Rooms

One of Zoom’s competitors is Messenger Rooms by Facebook. Today, Facebook rolled out new features that are designed to make Rooms easier to discover or create. The changes also make it personalized.

These updates come after Messenger, which usually sits at the top of the U.S. App Stores charts at number 10, went as low as 15, according to App Annie, which collects mobile data and analytics. Since the dip, they have gone back to being in the top 10.

Tough competition

As virtual school is about to kick off in the U.S., the usage of Messenger may decline, as the children grow comfortable with alternative and more innovative solutions like Google Meet and Zoom. They will start using them for after-school chats, as well.

At the moment, Google Meet has already cracked the top 15 as some schools started teaching in August. Currently, Zoom is solidly in first place on the U.S. App Store. The new updates for Messenger Rooms will display the Rooms you’re invited to at the top of the Chats tab on your inbox.

This will make it easier to locate.

Everything is easier now.

They are also making it easy to create a new Room and make it more visible by locating it at the front and center position in the Chats tab.

Other changes that will make an impact include the creation of a Room with default suggested or custom activities, for a future date, with custom audience selection. Facebook says that in addition to this, the new features will allow users to see, join, edit, or delete the rooms that they create.

They can also invite more people to be a part of an existing Room.

There will be a share option that is easy to find, making it easy to notify friends or remind them of an invite.

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