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Boomi is adding something new to their portfolio for EiPaaS. They recently announced the Boomi aXis for SAP. With it, users will be able to rapidly and with ease, exchange SAP data on a single platform to ensure that business decisions can be made quickly.

Boomi aXis is an Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (EiPaaS) solution that will be integrated into the SAP ecosystem. Users will be able to smoothly extract and update data from and to the SAP products, using predefined configurations that make the process take less time by streamlining resources.

A new cross-layer solution

Ed Macosky, the senior VP of Product at Boomi, said that ERP vendors have complex systems. Which is why many customers consider it a challenge when they need the data to apply business process improvements, in order to create new solutions that cut across multiple layers.

According to Macosky, the goal is to give customers a self-service platform that will enable them to get data when they want it. Boom aXis for SAP employs predefined business logic and admin configurations so that customers can serve themselves. 

This will not only give them the ability to innovate but also enhance the speed at which it happens.

A single cloud-based solution

Boom aXis makes use of EiPaaS capabilities that include low-code application development and data management, on a single platform.

This solution utilizes data wizards to ensure that guesswork does not factor into how SAP defines its data by filling out the table relationships with one glance. This includes functions like where to look for data and then automatically recommend the best connections between the data available.

Boomi uses an agnostic, cloud-based digital platform optimized for enterprises to connect customer experiences to SAP and link third-party systems and data to SAP. Boomi aXis for SAP is now available.

Tip: Boomi is on the brink of a new integration era