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Workday rolls out VIBE Central to help companies with diversity

Workday rolls out VIBE Central to help companies with diversity

Workday is rolling out a dashboard that brings together an organization’s diversity and inclusion data. From the dashboard the company can access reporting, best practices and tools that identify gaps in leadership, hiring, and attrition to be filled.

VIBE Central (the dashboard) and the VIBE Index (a metric that gauges relative performance) puts diversity and inclusion snapshots in one place. VIBE is an acronym that stands for Value Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity.

Using VIBE Central and VIBE Index, organizations can focus on their gaps regarding diversity and belonging. VIBE Central tracks hiring, promotions, diversity, and attrition.

How it works

By tracking all the metrics mentioned, companies can gain insight into hiring practices that balance the over or under-representation of a group. As for promotions, metrics include the gauging of inclusion and equity in matters like succession.

Workday, which had great second-quarter results, said that companies could use the VIBE index to measure equity, belonging, diversity, and inclusion.

Using the unique elements of a person’s identity, they can hire and promote while evaluating for parity and equity. The VIBE Index includes gender, race/ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, ability/disability, social class, cognitive diversity, and veteran status, among other details.

Coming this month

VIBE Central will be included with no additional costs in Workday HCM, before the end of this September. Workday also said that they would offer support for best practices and configuration, all through to February 28th, next year.

The support is offered to the first 300 Workday HCM customers who will implement VIBE Central.