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Salesforce is adapting to the COVID era by rolling out new tools

Salesforce is adapting to the COVID era by rolling out new tools

It doesn’t seem like Covid-19 is done with us. The changes made by many of the enterprises, in response to the pandemic, seem to be more permanent than initial sentiments indicated. The new reality is here, and Salesforce is rebooting its Sales Cloud department.

The company is introducing a series of new tools for sales reps who cannot do their usual in-person customer visits.

The GM of Sales Cloud at Salesforce, Doug Camplejohn, said that virtual selling is now the new normal.

Adapting to a new reality

One of the tools is Salesforce Meeting, which is a video management system that can be integrated into any conferencing tool a sales rep prefers.

It will allow them to create a sales-focused video call experience by ensuring they can prepare, engage effectively in the call, and close the loop after the call. 

One doesn’t need to download any software to use Salesforce Meetings. It doesn’t replace your videoconferencing tools. What it does is bring what you see from your video meetings and highlight them on your CRM.

Sales rep share links with customers to launch the meetings from within Salesforce Meetings.  

An all-round tool

The system compiles relevant information for sales reps to help get them ready before the meetings. The information is pulled directly from the Salesforce CRM and Einstein Insights and highlights customer history, open service cases, and significant changes.

During the meeting, the program allows the reps to take notes, queue their presentations, and see their talking points.

There is also an option to show a branded video overlay. Salesforce Meetings has a ton of other exciting features sales reps can use to make the meetings productive.