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Uber for Business integrates with ServiceNow’s workplace safety suite

Uber for Business integrates with ServiceNow’s workplace safety suite

Almost every business has been forced into the future of work. It’s the New World, and those who will survive it are the ones who can adapt. For instance, ServiceNow’s workplace safety management suite will be integrating with Uber for Business to help employees commute to work safely, as offices start to reopen.

This integration is a step forward for ServiceNow, as they are stepping into a new domain of workplace safety. ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite helps with contact tracing, screening employee’s health statuses, and giving feedback on the best way forward during this pandemic.

Easier scheduling

Employees can now use the app to schedule arrival times, make reservations for space, and manage their screenings. Uber has rolled out new features to ensure that drivers and riders are protected. Enterprise software vendors are working to bring workplace safety measures into effect as some offices start to reopen.

Now, new products will be launched and aimed at providing a solution for the modern workplace. The plan is to create a hybrid that combines on-premises and remote models.

Over 600 businesses have downloaded ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite. The plan is to find a way into the enterprise market through trials before introducing paid accounts.

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A promising future

The ServiceNow workplace tools are hosted on the Now Platform, which is used to manage workflow processes across functions.

Even though Uber traveling demand is down, Uber Eats has picked up and is being requested more by enterprises. According to the Global Head of Uber for Business, Ronnie Gurion, companies are starting to use the Uber service in arranging commutes and group work, using the ServiceNow app.

As Blake McConnel, the senior vice president of employee workflow products at ServiceNow, puts it, workers in the same part of town can automate workflows.

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