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Zscaler, a cloud security company, announced on June 10th, the release of new integrations with ServiceNow, which is the leader in digital workflows. This will enhance visibility, control of access, and data security for optimized cloud data protection and reliable incident response capabilities.

With these enhancements, customers will be able to get more out of their zero-trust architectures by fully controlling their cloud-based data and detect threats faster, with a reliable response. With this, users can achieve more on their journey to a secure digital transformation.

What’s in the new offering?

Since it comes with Zscaler’s cloud security threat intelligence, it will accelerate threat investigation and response for cloud-first organizations. The integration makes it simpler for security teams to easily view their actionable data from one dashboard/console. There will no longer be a need for them to pivot across disconnected management tools.

The Zscaler Data Protection integration ensures that data protection and compliance on the ServiceNow platform is improved, by allowing Zscaler to control authentication, remote and unmanaged devices that can be restricted from accessing ServiceNow.

What else is new?

Users will have to access the platform and data on ServiceNow through Zscaler, where security policies are enhanced and easier to manage and enforce. Combining Zscaler and ServiceNow streamlines incident response, data protection, and compliance using:

  • Restore Data Protection and Compliance
  • Enable work from anywhere with security in place
  • Streamline how security teams respond to threats and incidents

Most of what has been released to the press about the integrations are in the form of forward-looking statements that involve uncertainty or risks, including the benefits that customers could get.

You can check out risks and uncertainties disclosed in filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission to understand the integrations better.