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Atlassian announced on Wednesday that it has taken its collaboration and productivity software to the next level. The changes will reflect in both Jira and Confluence to push the company’s efforts of integrating machine learning a step ahead.

Atlassian used ML to build intelligent and predictive services into the overall software to make teams work more productively.

Atlassian is announcing smart search in Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud and predictive pull request capabilities in Bitbucket. One of the features users will see soon will enable IT Teams to cluster similar tickets in Jira Service Desk to enhance efficiencies.

Making work easier

Another addition from Atlassian is intelligent filter controls in the Jira Software and Confluence search experience. The controls predict what filters one will likely use to narrow down the search scope and bring back results faster.

The predictive pickers features are the descendant of predictive features that puts together a list of people most suited to work on a particular project, based on the project’s specifics.

IT teams will get a feature soon that allows ticket clustering in Jira Service Desk with common overlaps. The feature deploys predictive, natural language technology that will also be used in Jira software to group similar bug reports and features requests that link incidents to tickets created in Jira Service Desk. It will also show related knowledgebase articles in Confluence.

The brightest and the best

Shihad Hamid, the head of product for the Atlassian Teamwork Platform, said that this marks the start of incorporating smarts into both its platforms and products. 

The company is looking for more ways to make repetitive work easier to perform so that teams have more time to tackle issues in the core mission. According to the head of the product, Atlassian is building the smartest work collaboration platform on the market.