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NetApp announces new storage platform for Kubernetes apps

NetApp announces new storage platform for Kubernetes apps

The solution is described as “serverless and storageless” solution for Kubernetes containers.

This week at NetApp announced that it was bringing better optimization and enterprise data servers to the Cloud. The announcements came at the company’s NetApp Insight virtual event, which runs from October 26 through

Highlighting the new suite of offerings is something the company calls a “storageless solution” for software containers.

In addition, NetApp are bringing autonomous hybrid cloud volume platform and cloud-based virtual desktop solutions. The new announcements center on simplifying and optimizing the cloud management for a better cost.

New solutions are Spot on

The new containerised app deployment service arrivesthanks to NetApp’s acquisition of Spot in June. The new product, dubbed Spot Storage, is a “storageless” service that works with Spot Ocean, the company’s existing serverless facility.

This week’s launch means that Spot now abstracts server and storage details from Kubernetes-deployed containers.

Spot Ocean sets up serverless containerised app instances in the public cloud. “Serverless” in this case means the cloud service provider (CSP) sets up the server instances needed to run the application containers.  The CSP also manages the details for Spot Storage. This means the user does not need to specify volume capacity, throughput, storage class, etc.

“Unlocking the best of the Cloud”

NetApp’s new capabilities help simplify and optimize multicloud management, according to NetApp. This yields higher performance at a low cost and offerstrue portability for data-rich cloud applications. The new solutions also deliver comprehensive workplace solutions across hybrid cloud environments.

“To thrive in the new normal, digital transformation has become a business imperative. To succeed, businesses need to optimize their hybrid multicloud IT architectures,” said NetApp CEO George Kurian. “No matter where customers are on their transformation journey, NetApp can help them build a data fabric to maximize the value of their data, ensure applications are running optimally, and unlock the best of cloud.”

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