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Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the economy. Unemployment is rising fast. The estimates coming from the International Labour Organization have shown that about 245 million full-time jobs have been affected.

To challenge this outcome, LinkedIn is launching a new Career Explorer tool that will help people find new jobs that are available during this time. The tool has already been released in the beta stage, which is only available in English.

To make this clearer, the tool is not a job search engine but a tool that matches a person’s skills with various jobs that they may not have considered. It then has pointers on what extra skills they can learn to be more suited to the new jobs.

The innovations

This is not the only thing that LinkedIn has made to help. They have launched a new skills portal that is all about honing digital skills.

They also have a subtle profile picture frame addition that indicates when you are looking for work, looking to hire, and interview prep tools.

The launch is coming after the company announced that it has now amassed a membership of 722 million people. However, this number includes both active and non-active users. LinkedIn does not disclose the number of active users.

Microsoft is doing well

This week, LinkedIn saw its revenues increase by 16% in Microsoft’s earnings announcement, compared to the same quarter a year ago. Microsoft’s stock is flat, even though it had better-than-expected earnings.

In the three months that ended on September 30th, Microsoft reported $37.2 billion in revenue and a per-share profit of $1.82. The earnings expectations had set the per-share profit level at $1.54. LinkedIn’s new strategy could push it even further ahead.

Tip: LinkedIn job offers could be fake and contain malware