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Coupa Software, a major provider of financial software, has announced that it has acquired Llamasoft. The company has paid an amount of 1.5 billion U.S. dollars (1.3 billion euros) for the acquisition.

Llamasoft is a company that provides analytics software to companies to make their supply chain more efficient. The company’s software creates a virtual model of the chain that analysts can use to investigate where improvements can be made. Any improvements can then be simulated within the software.

Improvement of Coupa services

Coupa also offers a service to analyze customers’ supply chains. This is part of the platform that allows customers to analyze their transactions. The platform examines the transactions that go through the platform and gives customers tips to become more efficient. With the acquisition of Llamasoft, Coupa hopes to improve this technique.


Coupa is a major player in the world of financial software. Large organizations such as Salesforce use their software to keep in touch with their expenses. The company claims to have processed more than 2 billion dollars (1.7 billion euros) to date.

In recent years, the company has been actively working on making business spendings smarter. Last year, the company announced a package of innovations to achieve this. The company has also recently further automated its cost platform.