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Dropbox bolsters Spaces for businesses with remote workers

Dropbox bolsters Spaces for businesses with remote workers

The company announced changes concerning Dropbox Spaces, a product it introduced last year. It is a collaboration and project management tool designed with the work requirements of a pandemic in mind.

Timothy Young, the president of Dropbox, says that the company has always focused on making it easy for users to access files wherever they are, on any device, regardless of whether it is business or consumer.

Business-oriented approaches

The company has focused on building business products for several years, especially for sharing content internally and externally. This announcement is about catering to teams to plan and execute around the content created with a strong focus on projects.

Young said that the company is trying to help distributed teams stay organized, collaborate efficiently, and keep workloads moving.

While all of that is happening, they can enjoy security and support IT, admins, and companies while keeping true to Dropbox’s principles. 

A streamlining of project management

The whole operation involves updating Dropbox Spaces to become a full-fledged project management tool designed to aid distributed workforces do what they do without trouble. Spaces can be connected to other tools like the calendar, project management software, participants directory, and the files.

The users will create projects, add people and files, set up a timeline, assign tasks, and track progress.

In addition to this, users can access meetings directly from Spaces and communicate with team members wherever they are located.