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Windows 10 may get support for Android apps

Windows 10 may get support for Android apps

Microsoft appears to be planning an extra-large update in the autumn of 2021. In addition to previously announced improvements to the user interface, the company is considering adding support for Android apps.

The information comes from a source that spoke to Windows Central. The source says that, as always, Microsoft plans to release two major updates for the operating system, but that the second is larger than usual.

Android apps

According to the source, Microsoft is working on the possibility to add Android apps to the Microsoft Store. The source can’t tell anything more about it, except that there is the possibility that the function can already be found in Windows in 2021.


A major new feature expected Windows Central expects to arrive in 2021 is the emulation of 64-bit x86 applications on the ARM version of Windows 10. This enables all existing Windows applications to run on ARM computers. Apple has introduced a similar feature in macOS Big Sur with Rosetta 2.

Windows 10X

Windows Central indicates that Windows 10X will release in early of 2021. Initially, the operating system was intended for foldable devices with two screens, but later it was adapted to simply a lighter version of Windows 10 for cheaper systems. Foldable systems are still supported, though.

Microsoft wants to market Windows 10X as a competitor to Chrome OS, with all the benefits of Chrome OS such as improved security and battery life, with the added ability to run Windows apps. Initially, thie are just apps from the Microsoft Store, although the company also wants to add support for win32 applications in 2022.

Windows 10X may also be able to run on ARM computers. The system cannot be installed separately but is only supplied in combination with a computer.

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