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A group of industry leaders came together to announce the launch of Modern Computing Alliance. They include Google, Box, Citrix, Dell, Imprivata, Intel, Okta, RingCentral, Slack, VMware, and Zoom. The mission states to drive silicon-to-cloud innovation.

The mission says that the results will benefit enterprise customers and drive the differentiated modern computing platform while providing more options for integrated business solutions.

What does that mean?

The alliance is trying to push the use of modern web apps. Enterprise applications that run in the browser and on the app, instead of native Windows applications, for example. Web applications are easier to scale, run on more different devices, and data is easier to access, integrate and re-use. It also brings the cloud a lot closer to the end-users application.

The alliance

Even though they never mention Chrome on the alliance’s homepage and the other companies avoid saying it, by using more modern web apps, the browsers will benefit from it, and with Chrome being the market leader, it will benefit the most. Google wants to help enterprises adopt Chrome and Chrome OS more.

A Google spokesperson said that the alliance is focused on driving innovation and interoperability in the Google Chrome ecosystem. This will expand the options available to enterprise customers and help them address some of the biggest tech challenges that face companies today.

A toughie that could pay off

Google leads the alliance to bring modern web apps to enterprises. The focus will be on enhancing performance, identity management, productivity, and security. All of these things are meant to run on Chrome and Chrome OS to bring about the interoperability mentioned above.

Google Chrome OS VP, John Solomon, says that the tech industry is shifting towards an open, heterogeneous ecosystem with the freedom to choose while also integrating across the stack. It’s a challenge and an opportunity that will pay off.