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Windows 10X will have a standby mode where basic programs keep running, and the computer can quickly resume working. This is similar to the locking feature that smartphones use by default.

Modern Standby was already available on Windows 10 for some time, but a support document from Microsoft confirms that the function will also come to Windows 10X.

Unlike the usual standby mode in Windows, where the computer doesn’t do anything in standby, Modern Standby can still perform tasks such as retrieving e-mails, performing updates and downloading files. Waking up from Modern Standby is much faster than waking up from ‘normal’ standby mode.

Microsoft first introduced the feature in Windows 8 under the name Connected Standby. However, this feature was limited to performing updates while the computer is in Standby.

Windows 10X is likely to be released in early 2021. The system was originally intended for use in foldable computers with two screens. Microsoft later decided to also make it available for cheap laptops as well, to compete with Chromebooks.

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