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Apple has released the latest version of iOS and iPadOS. Version 14.4 brings some minor improvements and patches a number of security holes that may have already been actively exploited.

The remedied security holes are described on an Apple support page. Two vulnerabilities are in the WebKit engine on which Safari runs. The leaks would allow for arbitrary code execution on victims’ devices. A third leak in the operating system kernel has also been plugged. This leak could allow a malicious application to gain elevated privileges. More details on the security holes are not available.

Minor changes

In addition to fixing the leaks, Apple has also made some minor changes to the user experience of iOS and iPadOS. For example, the camera is now able to read smaller QR codes. Furthermore, the operating system now gives a warning when a camera is detected that does not originally belong to the phone. Apple also released some minor bugfixes.

Only Apple can repair your phone

The notification in case of a replaced camera is remarkable. When it turned out that it was not possible to replace the camera of the iPhone 12, even with an identical model from another iPhone, this causes some backlash among users. The change means that users have to rely on Apple to repair their devices, as independent repair shop are no longer able to get replacement parts.

Tip: EU votes in favour of Right to Repair rules

iOS 14

Apple released iOS 14 in 2020. The operating system offers widgets similar to those in Android, a smarter version of voice assistant Siri, improvements to Apple Maps and many other changes. iOS and iPadOS 14.4 is available immediately for all devices that have also received the update to iOS and iPadOS 14.