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Microsoft adds new features to Office mobile apps

Microsoft adds new features to Office mobile apps

The new enhancements will include new voice command, video and other features.

This week Microsoft announced a slew of new features that they plan to add to their Office mobile apps. Microsoft will release the added capabilities in the coming weeks and months.

The company has also promised to deliver on its promised “conversational AI” technology in Cortana starting with iOS. There will also be new ways for users to create short videos using Microsoft Lens. Rounding out the offering will be a range of productivity updates for Teams, Outlook and other Office apps.

The promised features mark “the evolution of mobile productivity”

Conversational AI is something Microsoft first presented in 2019. “Using natural language, speech recognition, machine learning, and linguistics based on Microsoft AI technology, Cortana will get to know you and your voice to help you stay organized, connected to people and things that are important to you, and stay in control of your day,” they promised.

The Microsoft Office 365 Team described the new feature enhancements in a blog post on February 1. “We’ve explored the evolving needs of people’s mobility and connectivity and we are announcing a number of new Microsoft 365 mobile-first capabilities that help people bring balance to their day,” they write.

Enhancing Microsoft 365 through Outlook, Lens and Teams

In the blog post, the company announced that they will add conversational AI technology to Cortana in Microsoft Outlook for iOS. “This experience is our first foray to deliver interactive, voice forward assistive experiences that aim to provide helpful ways of organizing your daily life,” they say.

Microsoft will also soon introduce the ability for people to collaborate around user-created video content. Moreover, they will tweak this ability with “intelligent scanning technology” from Microsoft Lens in Teams mobile.

Microsoft Lens will be able torecognize English handwriting and textto further accelerate digital transformation.This will appear first in the Lens app followed by Office mobile.

The Office app for iPad and will be available mid-February in the Apple App Store.