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Updated app helps users identify the right person at a target account.

Venturebeat this week reported that LinkedIn has released the quarterly update to its Sales Navigator application with list enhancement, account mapping, and synchronization features to help sales professionals prepare for virtual selling.

Sales Navigator is designed to help sales teams find the right people and companies to target. It does this by leveraging the huge store of business and engagement data LinkedIn holds. Integrations with customer relationship management (CRM) tools such as Salesforce allow teams to merge active and prospective sales account data.

Visualizing key stakeholders

In the next couple of months, LinkedIn will be adding a new account mapping feature, something it seems users have requested. With the updated app, users will be able to visualize all the key stakeholders in a customer account.

This visualization will enable them to identify the right people to start building relationships with, says LinkedIn. The feature will, they claim, let sales teams see whether the people they know at a company are actually the best contacts when it comes to buying decisions.

Here’s what’s new in this update

The upgrades allow sales professionals to upload book of business and discover insights into next steps in their engagements based on aggregated LinkedIn activity, including InMail, Messages, Connection Requests, and Smart Link activity.

Users will also be able to map accounts to visualize key accounts and receive real-time insights tied to those accounts. They can then search and save leads to their CRM systems  directly from a Sales Navigator Lead Page or Lead List with the new Lead Creation feature.

This latest release also includes a redesigned Account Page that gives a comprehensive overview of accounts through real-time alerts and reliable insights. These insights include account growth, mentions in the news, and when key decision makers are hired. With the new Lead Creation feature, users can save new leads to their CRM directly from a Sales Navigator Lead page or from a Lead list.

LinkedIn launched Sales Navigator back in 2014. Two years later, Microsoft acquired the company for $26 billion. LinkedIn issues regular updates of the Navigator product.