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New integration features will be announced at Microsoft’s MyIgnite event next week

Microsoft is preparing to push forward with integrating its two premiere subscription-based productivity suites, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 CRM/ERP.

The new features are building on the already existing D365 integration. In 2019, Microsoft announced Dynamics 365 Sales Integration with Teams. This initial step gave users the ability to connect Dynamics 365 Sales records to Microsoft Teams channels without having to leave the Dynamics 365 Sales App.

Showcasing a major push at integration during MyIgnite

The lineup at the MyIgnite seems to indicate that Microsoft want to take that integration a lot further. The event, which is targeted towards IT professionals and developers, has no less than 14 sessions dealing with Dynamics 365 integration with Teams.

A Day One session, entitled “Microsoft Teams + Dynamics 365: The unified collaboration platform for modern business,” outlines the case for improving the ties between these two product families. This session aims to “continue the conversation about how Technology must connect people, data, and processes,” the description says. This is “so individuals and organizations can move with agility and speed.”

Through this integration, “Microsoft provides the only unified platform for collaboration and productivity for modern business,” they say. The panel of experts will describe how “bringing the power of Dynamics 365 directly into the flow of work with Teams” will work to “empower an individual, a team or an entire organization with new integrations.”

Integration also aims at mobile app users

Microsoft recently announced their Dynamics 365 mobile app. The app is currently available in preview for Windows. The app delivers “a personalized action hub to help users get to common tasks, suggestions, and records quickly,” according to Microsoft.

The app will also integrate Dynamics Relationship Insights, Outlook, and LinkedIn. For example, app users can scan in a business card and related notes. They can then take advantage of deep linking between Outlook calendar, email, and Teams. It also offers automatic transcriptions for calls and meetings.