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Okta, the cloud identity access management company, upgraded its developer experience with the introduction of new integrations and documentation in a general release that is free for up to 15,000 active users per month.

The update is part of the company’s new Starter Developer Edition which will give developers the tools they need, to embed Okta’s authentication, authorization, and user management, into enterprise cloud apps at scale.

Okta announced the changes on the first day of Oktane21, its three-day virtual developer conference.

The new perks

Diya Jolly, the chief product officer at Okta, said that the company’s vision is to make sure everyone can use any technology safely. She added that developers are foundational if that vision is to come true.

The company’s goal, according to Jolly, is to make every stage of the development process easier so developers can ramp up at no cost, using the Starter Developer Edition.

Okta is especially important when it comes to the role- and permission-based management, as it is used to secure deployment and use apps in the cloud. Jolly continued to say that knowing who is accessing information will help enterprises control aspects of it.

Developers are going to love this

Jolly said that the reimagined developer experience brings to them, the tools that seamlessly work alongside toolchains across the environments they’re building on, including hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud.

The company introduced something called “Auth For All,” secure applications support and aid in the identification of infrastructure across many popular languages so that developers can start working in code they prefer, at a faster rate than before with better documentation.

Sample apps are included in the developer portal, comprising JavaScript, Go, Java, React Native, and Spring Boot.

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