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Google announced on Thursday that it is collaborating with OSIsoft to help enterprises deploy the latter’s PI Core industrial operations platform on Google Cloud. OSIsoft is based in San Leandro, California, and is one of the biggest players in the software for industrial sector market.

It was recently acquired by a UK-based company, Aveva Group for $5 billion. The company’s PI System software suite has its foundations on its PI Core platform. Companies, like those in manufacturing, use the suite to collect information about operations and how to increase efficiency.

There’s more

PI Core deployments are also used in the day-to-day activities of companies in various industries including energy, pharmaceuticals, the sciences, and more. Google says that the deployment of PI Core on its cloud will allow customers to use the built-in encryption tools and security provisions it provides.

The search giant also says that using Google Cloud will help organizations get more value from the data stored in OSIsoft’s software.

PI Core allows users to store years of historical information from manufacturing equipment, sensors, devices, and factory management systems. The data contains highly valued patterns necessary for efficiency improvement and business analysis.

Google Cloud has it all

On the search giant’s cloud, users will find access to machine learning services that can be used to gain insight. The company says that its cloud offers more since a company can pull data from multiple on-premises PI Core deployments and aggregate it into a single environment hosted on the cloud to make centralized processing easy.

To simplify the creation of cloud-based PI Core environments, Google has made a collection of deployment automation scripts open-source.

The scripts employ PowerShell and Terraform administration tools and install PI Core in compute instances from the N2D series based on AMD processors, which the search giant debuted last year.