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Trilio has announced the latest version of its TrilioVault software at Kubecon 2021. Version 2.1 of the Kubernetes backup platform adds support for Velero backups and enhanced disaster recovery capabilities.

Trilio’s services include several cloud-native tools to backup and restore entire Kubernetes workloads on-demand. OpenStack and Red Hat Virtualization hypervisors are also supported.

Support for Velero

With version 2.1 of TrilioVault, users can now also keep an eye on backups made with Velero. Velero is an open source tool for backing up Kubernetes namespaces and label-based resources. However, that tool does not have a user interface that provides a complete overview of the problems that can occur during backup, restore and migration. Trilio wants to fill that gap with its extension to TrilioVault. Users can monitor Velero backups directly from the TrilioVault Management Console.

“Velero users asked us to help them seamlessly grow into an enterprise-class data protection platform while providing continuity across Trilio and Velero backups,” said Prashanto Kochavara, director of product at Trilio. “With TrilioVault for Kubernetes v2.1, Velero users gain clarity in their backup and restore operations. Velero operators can now see what’s working and what’s not in a single pane of glass, in real time and within the context of the entire multi-cloud environment.”

Disaster Recovery Plan

Trilio has also worked on the disaster recovery capabilities in TrilioVault 2.1. Specifically, this consists of the so-called DR Plan. This is a workflow to easily select backups from different repositories, specify namespace mappings and reconfigure the collected data and metadata of different applications at the same time, all based on the customer’s disaster recovery strategy.

New certifications

Finally, Trilio mentions that the company has achieved some new certifications for use with specific Kubernetes distributions and clouds. These are the following three certificates:

These certifications are in addition to the existing ones for Azure Kubernetes Service, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, Amazon EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service and Google Kubernetes Engine.


TrilioVault for Kubernetes v2.1 is available immediately for the Free Trial, Free Basic Edition and the Enterprise Edition. A complete overview of the plans can be found on the Trilio website.

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