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Microsoft has been enabling more of its Azure services to run on other clouds, on-premises environments, and in the latest development, on Kubernetes clusters. On the first day of the virtual Build 2021 developers conference, Microsoft added more arc-enabled Azure services to the growing list. It is also introducing new gradual capabilities in the newly branded ‘Azure Applied AI Services.’

Microsoft unveiled Azure Arc, a centralized management panel for Azure, in 2019. With it, users can manage everything, including inventory, governance, server configuration, and central organization, without worrying about where their server workloads are located.

Expanding Azure

Azure Arc can also be used to project cloud and on-premises resources (virtual and physical servers, as well as Kubernetes clusters) into Azure Resource Manager to manage resources running in Azure from one dashboard.

This week, more Microsoft cloud services like Azure App Service, Logic Apps, Event Grid, Functions, and API Management, can be previewed on Azure Arc. The implication is that they can run on Kubernetes clusters, as well as the edge, on-premises, and in multiple clouds using Azure. The Azure apps can be deployed by any conformant of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

More news

Microsoft announced the rebranding of several Azure AI services, under the ‘Azure Applied AI Services’ banner. The company is combining Azure Bot Service, Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Immersive Reader, Azure Video Analyzer, and Azure Metric Advisor, to fall under the applied AI services offering.

The aim for Microsoft here is to make AI easier to use by giving customers a set of commonly used business processes, on top of which they can do customizations, instead of having to build foundational services over and over again.

The company made many of these tools for its own use but now, they are finding their way to the mainstream market.