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Docker unveiled Docker Development Environments, a new tool that enables developers to automatically create a virtual instance of their development environment that can be shared with other developers on the same team.

The company announced the product at the online DockerCon Live 2021 event on Thursday. Docker Compose is also getting an update that will add tighter integration with the Docker command-line interface to speed up the deployment of apps on cloud services. Another new addition is the Scoped Personal Access Tokens that developers can use to define each user’s type of access tokens for container images.  

Other announcements

The Docker Verified Publisher Program also revealed that Red Hat, Datadog, and VMware have all signed up, to offer access to third-party vendors who have committed to keeping current to beef up security offered.

Docker Official Images also has an update. Users can now download it via registries maintained by Amazon Web Services and Mirantis if they are looking for a DockerHub alternative.

Docker CEO Scott Johnston, says that the company is rising to meet challenges faced by enterprises trying to build containerized applications.

Bringing developers closer and making supply chains safer

A majority of developers continue to work from home this year, as the pandemic continues to plod on over a year later. However, this work environment has affected productivity since developers who worked on the same office floor can no longer collaborate easily.

Before now, developers could use Docker to share a virtual instance of a development environment but it was not exactly a frictionless process.

Johnston says that the process has now been automated. Another issue that was fixed is that of the security of software supply chains. The verification program run by the company helps mitigate the insertion of malware at any point in the supply chain.