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Epicor reintroduced its new flagship ERP product under a new name, Kinetic, designed to fulfill FDA software verification requirements for medical device suppliers and facilitates regulations of CMMC for defense and aerospace. It is also the only multi-tenant cloud solution.

If the name Kinetic sounds familiar, the UX framework that initially came out in 2018 had the same name. Epicor realized that using the same name for its ERP would help the product to gain recognition.

What’s new for Epicor?

EDI integration

Epicor has inbuilt endpoints that can improve real-time connectivity.

Improved user experience

Kinetic is a fully-rounded browser application that provides intuitive workflows to facilitate adoption. It modernizes and simplifies work processes.

E-commerce update

Epicor also updated its e-commerce features to 2.12 software that includes new punch-out capabilities.


Formerly known as Docstar, the management solution now has improved security for custom revision numbering and workflows. These functionalities target the requirements of defense and aerospace, and medical device manufacturers.

Spreadsheet integration

XL Connect’s latest version is Spreadsheet Server. It provides a reporting feature within Excel that absorbs real-time data from Kinetic.

Application studio

The Application Studio feature allows users to personalize the Kinetic ERP without additional developments. Users can create their rules and features, add layers, and use the drag and drop visual designer without plugging in a code. However, the studio feature works within the Kinetic ERP and other modules, including Commerce Connect.

The new application release was introduced to 100 customers for early feedback. Even though it triggered 500 updates, it’s not clear if there were any bugs or fixes that need to be made. In fact, the press releases also stated positive comments regarding the release.

Epicor wants you to know that its new release is an application made specifically for manufacturers by manufacturers.