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Epicor unveils platform updates ahead of its customer conference

Epicor unveils platform updates ahead of its customer conference

The updates aim to help building supply companies optimize operations and grow their businesses.

Epicor is offering a preview of its latest news in the run-up to its annual ‘Insights for Building Supply‘ customer conference, which is to be held next week in Arizona, USA. Eipcor touts itself as “the technology leader for the building supply market,” and the event is where the company will unveil its latest technological advances.

Epicor serves more than 55 percent of all businesses in the Webb Analytics 2022 Construction Supply 150 index. The company offers a wide range of software solutions for both manufacturing and distribution companies.

The Epicor Insights for Building Supply conference will offer customers in these industries the latest upgrades to three of Epicor’s “industry-leading” software packages.

What’s new for Building Supply customers

Firstly, Epicor BisTrack and Epicor LumberTrack will be upgraded with new public cloud offerings to provide improved security, scalability, performance and data localization. These solutions will also now feature enhanced functionality for distributors including long lead allocations, multi-location transfers and split transfers.

Epicor LumberTrack will now offer enhanced browser functionality including responsive design for mobile devices and dynamic forms. Finally, Epicor BisTrack Web will feature previews of new order monitor and order entry functionality.

Epicor has also made upgrades to its popular Warehouse Management System (WMS), including new features for variable width product integration with Epicor BisTrack, mobile delivery cart scanning and an improved mobile device UX.

“Like many essential industries, the future of the building supply market will be shaped by how dealers are able to leverage data-driven insights and create people-centric automations to navigate changing market conditions and drive their businesses forward”, said Epicor President Lisa Pope.

“Epicor is delivering that future today, offering the capabilities our customers need better to manage supply chains, inventories and their workforce.”