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A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a relatively new concept. At present, it has only been used to gather data about an individual consumer from several and different channels to create a super profile. In theory, the super profile can help a company serve more meaningful content and customize the customer experience based on the collected knowledge.

Adobe announced that it intends to create a product based on the CDP concept for business to business customers, where data consolidation of this kind has not been prevalent.

Brian Glover, Adobe’s director of product marketing for Marketo Engage, says that B2B sales and marketing teams’ kind of sales are complicated, leading to the need for a CDP.

Up next: a B2B CDP

He says that the company has spent the last couple of years integrating Marketo Engage across Adobe Experience Cloud. The next goal is to build the new and next generation of complementary B2B products on the Experience platform. The first of these will be a B2B CDP. 

He says that the company is facing new challenges in taking the CDP concept and applying it to B2B.

This is because the process of B2B trading involves buying groups, necessitating the messages to be customized for different people in different roles.

A CDP is better than a CRM

With a CDP, not only will the entire B2B process have a quick way of knowing who wants what and how to serve it up, but it will also enhance the efficiency of these businesses. An individual can be pushed into making a decision or completing a purchase.

B2B sales take longer and complex procurement processes.

Even though the businesses may have CRMs, they are not adequate to consider the complexity of the process, which a CDP can do.