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With resellers in countries like the U.K, the U.S, Germany, France, and Japan, Google has enhanced the availability of its device management service named the Android Enterprise Essentials.

Launched in January, Android Enterprise Solutions is a phone-based security and management solution developed for medium and small-sized organizations. The service boasts features specifically designed for better data protection, keeping in mind the arbitrary needs and limited budgets of small and medium organizations.

According to Roxas Chow, software engineer at Google, mobility plays an important role in determining team connectivity for businesses, especially considering the hybrid working conditions where employees work remotely.

He also added that team productivity would be improved, and companies will better digitalize their performance and service as a result.

Android Enterprise usability

The new working norms have thrown business functionality into uncertainty; 47% of companies have been victims of cyberattacks. Fortunately, Android Enterprise Essentials takes care of all security-related features, including preventing unauthorized sideloading, remote wiping for stolen or lost devices, and easy setup for new devices.

When a device is received, it only requires a few minutes for an employee to set it up and start working. Moreover, there is a straightforward, user-friendly portal to streamline, view or manage actions.

Although the Android Enterprise is focused on small and medium organizations, it also works efficiently for large enterprises. It is a good option for large organizations going through the process of strengthening core protections for devices that don’t necessarily require a higher level of security.

Another claim from Android is that it doesn’t need a complex setup process to mobilize project teams and task forces. Furthermore, several resellers have already shown their willingness to work with Android Enterprise Essentials, and more are joining.