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Today, Apple released a new version of its Mac operating system. The update is named Big Sur 11.5.2. However, there are no new features or significant security updates. This version focused on bug fixes.

The release notes for the version, in their entirety, read:

“macOS 11.5.2 includes bug fixes for your Mac.”

The release notes do not even specify which bugs got fixed and mentions no new features. Apple maintains a support page where details of security updates associated with a release are posted. That page’s entry for this version says, “This update has no published CVE entries.

The good stuff will have to wait until macOS Monterey comes out

Apple often releases software updates for all or most of its platforms at the same time. However, macOS was alone, at least in terms of public releases, this time. Today also saw the release of new major betas for macOS Monterey, watchOS 8, iOS 15, and more.

macOS 11.5.2 comes on the heels of macOS 11.5.1 (which had security updates) and macOS 11.5, which were also mostly focused on bug fixes and security updates.

We will not see any significant new macOS features until later this year when macOS Monterey arrives.

A way to control macOS and iOS devices together

In addition to everything that has been announced for macOS Monterey, the release is also expected to integrate a Mac with an iOS or iPadOS device, to provide Control.

This will give users a new way of controlling macOS and iPad devices together, using the same keyboard and mouse.

Meanwhile, the iPhone maker dropped a lawsuit it brought against Corellium, a company that builds virtual iOS devices used by security researchers to find bugs in some of Apple’s devices. Apple suffered a major court loss over this suit and chose to finally settle for an undisclosed amount.