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VMware now offers customers zero trust security for cloud environments

VMware now offers customers zero trust security for cloud environments

VMware is focusing all its security efforts on zero trust. To this end, the virtualization specialist is introducing several new solutions, aiming to solidify the security of virtual machines and containers.

VMware now offers a complete end-to-end zero trust architecture with its VMware Security offering. The introduction allows companies to protect modern workload environments, components (such as VM’s and containers) and endpoints from today’s various security challenges.

Solutions that assist in achieving the latter include Secure Workload Access for zero trust in cloud environments and on-premises data centers. The Elastic Application Security Edge service should provide stricter, more flexible security for traffic between cloud environments. Lastly, ransomware attacks can be prevented, fought or recovered with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery and VMware Carbon Black Cloud services.

Security for Kubernetes environments

In addition, the CloudHealth Secure State service provides visibility and security for multiple cloud environments. The API security and Kubernetes Security Posture Management solidify the protection of mobile applications. The Kubernetes Security Posture Management functionality is part of the latest update to VMware Secure. It primarily provides security for distributed Kubernetes platforms such as Amazon EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Other security solutions that specifically focus on securing workloads and applications include new VMware Tanzu Service Mesh enhancements. Furthermore, the well-known VMware SASE and VMware Workspace One solutions should provide substantial security options for employees working from various regions and locations, better known as the distributed workforce.

VMware Cloud Provider MSSP Program

VMware also introduced additional solutions for its Managed Security Service Partners (MSSP) VMware Cloud Provider program. New capabilities include VMware Carbon Black Cloud services, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, VMware SASE and VMware NSX Distributed IDS/IPS. Partners can now offer these services globally as a custom build option for their customers.