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Dell would like to get more value out of its VMware subsidiary’s multi-cloud strategy while pushing its own APEX composable infrastructure offering. The company announced a bundle that provides consistent operations across multi-cloud environments.

The company’s plans include the addition of an object storage option that works with the VMware software stack and the addition of a reference design for the development of Ai-based apps.

APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud is intended to give organizations the ability to move and scale workloads across multiple clouds with predictable and transparent pricing/cost.

What Dell aims to do

Dell said it aims to simplify the chore of managing multiple cloud consoles with different command and options sets. The APEX Console has pre-configured cloud instances for many common workloads to make management and configuration easy.

Services are deployable in a local or remote data center, as well as a colocation facility. A single set of policies can be defined and applied to all environments.

Customers don’t have to force workloads into tough situations, according to Varun Chhabra, a senior marketing Veep at Dell. Users can log in to a console and pick what outcomes they would like, based on instance types like memory-optimized, general-purpose, compute-optimized, or large-scale memory-optimized.

What else did Dell make?

Another co-developed product Dell made with VMware is ObjectScale software to make object storage compatible with Amazon Web Services’ S3 standard to be run alongside VMware VMs.

With this software-defined storage option, one can leverage Kubernetes for software containers, Tanzu and VMware vSAN Data Persistence Platform, to provide a foundation for constructing stateful services to interact with the underlying VMware infrastructure.

Finally, Dell announced a reference design for developing AI-based apps (in collaboration with VMware and Nvidia) which makes most GPUs used for Machine Learning and deep learning.