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Okta announced that Okta’s and Auth0’s Customer Identity and Access Management offerings are growing and advancing, during the company’s annual Showcase event. The event, the first since Okta’s acquisition of Auth0 earlier this year, showed a shared vision to add value to the CIAM market and launch new capabilities.

The new capabilities from Okta’s Customer Identity products include Device Authorization Grant, Branding, and Custom Administration. Device Authentication Grant is presented as a simple and more secure way to register and allow users to gain access across shared internet of things (IoT) devices like kiosks, terminals, smart TV apps, and more.

What the new features enable

The Branding feature offers the ability to communicate confidently and go live quickly with consistent branding across login, error pages, and email templates. Unlike existing solutions, the new services allow customers to deploy brand templates, as well as add custom code, for easier implementation over a short period.

Custom Administrator Roles delivers a way to reduce time spent on governance or who has access to what, leaving more time to tackle challenges preventing the business’ forward movement.

Users can allow super Admins to follow the principle of least privilege by creating granular custom roles for admins to manage their apps, groups, and users.

New capabilities

The announcement of new capabilities is part of the company’s continued investment in Auth0 to cater to the growing demand in the CIAM market (now valued at $30 billion).

Okta also announced plans to operate as a combined company with two CIAM product units by both Auth0 and Okta, giving customers more choice in deploying CIAM.

Todd McKinnon, the co-founder, and CEO of Okta said that identity is at the center of all digital experiences, providing the ‘security, agility and usability’ needed to deliver the most comprehensive approach to customer identity.

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