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Lucid introduces Lucidscale, a tool for visualizing and clarifying single- and multi-cloud environments.

Lucidscale joins the ranks of Lucid’s portfolio, which includes tooling for translating complex projects and ideas into understandable diagrams. The introduction of Lucidscale does not fall far from the tree. Applications and infrastructures in cloud environments are becoming more diverse and complex by the year. Lucidscale visualizes these environments, intending to provide more effective, understandable results than cloud providers deliver on their own.

Through visualization, Lucidscale hopes to provide any stakeholder – technically inclined or not – with an effective foundation for designing and developing infrastructure, deploying applications and solving cloud problems.

IT for all

Lucidscale supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). While these platforms are already equipped with native interfaces for overseeing the resources in an environment, understanding them has typically been exclusive to professionals with extensive technical knowledge of the platform in question.

This knowledge is definitely not up to par among anyone with a stake in the cloud environment. As such, Lucidscale lowers the threshold. Environments are illustrated with an accuracy that borders native interfaces and surpasses in terms of comprehensibility.

To clarify the latter, we provide a side by side comparison of Lucidscale’s visualization of an AWS environment and AWSRetriever’s visualization of a similar AWS environment. AWSRetriever is an open source, third party app for the visualization of all global resources in an AWS environment. AWS itself does not develop a solution directly aimed at this purpose. Despite being an afterthought, the mere lack of such a solution contributes to Lucidscale’s value.


Once visualized, the overview is useful for sharing understandable information about a cloud environment when collaborating, Lucid says. The organization furtherly notes that companies can leverage the insight to make more effective choices when planning future additions and modifications. The ability to control migrations and deployments is another plus: Lucidscale integrates into AWS, Azure or GCP, outlines the environment based on the facts and is thus suitable for checking changes and implementations in the environment.