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SAP’s earlier acquisition of no-code platform AppGyver comes to fruition. The software giant announces a no-code development solution.

The SAP Business Technology Platform is an umbrella of solutions for application development and deployment, data management, analytics and AI. At developer conference SAP TechEd, the ERP vendor presents a broadening of the Business Technology Platform.

With a combination of new and existing tools, the organization promises a solution to develop and optimize applications with no to little code. AppGyver’s technology, a developer acquired by SAP earlier this year, is at the core. The organization does not share exactly when the solution will appear. The same goes for each of the introductions listed below.

Integration product, AI and training

SAP is also expanding its Integration Suite. A series of new, ready-made connections to proprietary and third-party applications are joining the ranks. The identity of these applications is unknown at this time.

In addition, SAP is highlighting its focus on AI through updates to SAP Conversational AI. The tool has been available for some time for building chatbots. New features promise to simplify the process.

Finally, the organization announces a free website for the training of developers working with SAP. The learning program promises to cover “key innovation areas,” which presumably refers to a selection of specific SAP solutions.